D.O.T. Inspections

Important and required to keep you and your drivers safe.

D.O.T. Inspections keep you compliant

If you’re in the trucking industry, you know how important D.O.T. inspections are. Poor maintenance can result in infractions, high insurance premiums, and endless fines. But with Bear Roadside Repair, you can make the smart choice for your fleet maintenance needs. We’ll provide exemplary services and front-to-back care to keep you on the road longer, whether you’re in the yard, at a terminal, or a weigh station.

Our comprehensive, tiered quality service inspection can be completed within 60 minutes, depending on the severity of the situation. And the best part? We come to you! We’ll travel to your location, weigh station, or wherever you may be located.

Our inspection covers a wide range of components, including the service brakes, parking brake system, brake drums or rotors, brake hose, low pressure warning device, tractor protection valve, air compressor, electric brakes, hydraulic brakes, vacuum systems, antilock brake system, and automatic brake adjusters. We also inspect the fifth wheel, pintle hooks, drawbar/towbar eye, drawbar/towbar tongue, safety device, and saddle-mounts.

Other components we inspect include the exhaust system, fuel tank filler cap, lighting devices and reflectors required by Part 393, steering wheel free play, steering column, front axle beam and all steering components other than steering column, steering gear box, pitman arm, power steering, ball and socket joints, tie rods and drag links, nuts, steering system, U-bolt(s), spring hanger(s), or other axle positioning part(s), spring assembly, torque, radius, or tracking components, frame members, tire and wheel clearance, adjustable axle assemblies, tires on any steering axle of a power unit, all other tires, installation of speed-restricted tires unless specifically designated by the motor carrier, wheels and rims, lock or side ring, wheels and rims, fasteners, welds, glazing, wipers, and any passenger seat that is not securely fastened to the vehicle structure.

Don’t risk infractions or high insurance premiums – choose Bear Roadside Repair for your fleet maintenance needs.

D.O.T. Inspections in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

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