About Bear Roadside repair

Learn about how we got started.

About Bear Roadside Repair and the owner Doug

At the age of 13, Doug began his career at Bear Alignment, a family-owned business in Everett, Washington, where he learned how to repair vehicles while sweeping the floors. Over time, his passion for heavy truck and trailer repair grew, leading him to become a commercial mechanic with a unique approach to his work. For over 20 years, Doug has taken pride in providing high-quality repairs, even in the face of complex challenges.

To meet the needs of a growing digital age, Doug recognized the limitations of a traditional brick-and-mortar shop and founded Bear Roadside Repair. Our mission is to offer efficient and affordable care for all your commercial fleet service needs while providing the convenience of roadside assistance. With advanced tools and extensive training, we guarantee top-quality service.

At Bear Roadside Repair, we specialize in 24/7 emergency repair service, commercial fleet maintenance, and D.O.T. inspections, all provided at your location or the side of the road. Our top-of-the-line scan tools and numerous certifications ensure the highest level of service for your vehicles.

Our commitment is to find the most efficient and affordable solutions for our customers, never giving up on a job that may seem too hard. Whether you need an emergency road call or ongoing maintenance for your entire fleet, Bear Roadside Repair always puts your needs first, ensuring your trucks stay on the road and your drivers are safe. Choose Bear Roadside Repair for all your commercial vehicle needs, and experience the convenience of affordable, high-quality roadside assistance.

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